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Why you can feel secure shopping with us

When you shop with us, you can choose to check out using either Global Payments or PayPal, both of which are established leaders in the field of secure transaction processing.

Global Payments - 3D Secure 2

Unified Solutions

Our leading, fully compliant 3D Secure v.2 authentication technology keeps you compliant with SCA, reduces fraud and keeps your customers’ data safe when making payments online.

Our robust 3D Secure 2 solution offers:

  • A suite of compliant-ready integrations allowing you to deliver a smooth checkout experience
  • A frictionless payment flow by using a more comprehensive data set to authenticate the customer without the need for customer intervention across all devices, including native in-app mobile authentication across all participating card schemes
  • State-of-the-art authentication using biometrics, a one-time passcode and knowledge-based authentication which reduces fraud while increasing authorisation and conversion rates

Easily integrate into our Hosted Payments Page, our API or our JavaScript, Android and IOS Libraries, Java, .NET and PHP SDKs which come ready with our market-leading 3D Secure 2 solution.



We use the industry leading internet payment company PayPal to protect your card details and protect from fraud. PayPal keep your information safe. We will never actually see your bank or credit card details, they are passed in a highly secure way directly to PayPal for processing. Industry-leading fraud prevention is just one of the reasons PayPal is a safe way to pay online. PayPal uses proprietary technology and constantly innovates to monitor transactions and maintain a secure payment system. To help you keep track of your account activity, PayPal sends an email confirmation of every account transaction. For more information visit

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