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Horse Rugs Q&A

Choosing the right rug is essential for your horse's health and well-being.
The wide variety of horse rugs we offer can become confusing and overwhelming when searching for your horse's individual requirements. However, our experienced team is here to help!

Below are helpful questions we received from our social media followers about rug weights, rug sizes, rug types, and more!
Got any queries when choosing your rug? Email us at  or call us at +353 (0)5261 24318. We will be happy to help!

Q. I have a cob with a really chunky neck so literally no rugs with necks fit him, any tips? 

A. We have a range of 'Big Neck ' rugs available from Bucas & QHP. Perhaps you should try one of those and match it with a large-size hood. View our 'Big Neck' rugs here.

Bucas Big Neck
Amigo Bravo 12 XL

Q. Do you stock any wide-fitting rugs for cobs? So hard to find a rug that has room for their shoulders!

A. A rug with deep shoulder gussets (as pictured) is recommended for the horse with big shoulders. Horseware also have an XL range designed specifically for broader horses! Shop Horseware's XL range here.


Q. How do you wash a horse rug?

A. The best way to wash your horse rug is to first brush off any dirt. Then, if it is a turnout rug, gently hose the rug off to remove excess dirt. Next, you should wash your rug in the washing machine with rug wash and rug conditioner that is specially made to clean horse rugs without damaging the waterproof coating. We recommend Horseware's Eco Rug Wash and Conditioner or the Bucas Rug Wash and Conditioner is also fantastic! 

To protect your washing machine from dirt and horse hair, it is really useful to use a wash bag that zips closed to keep the rug sealed while it is in the washing machine. See our wash bags here.

You should never: 

  • Dry clean your rug 
  • Tumble dry your rug with heat
  • Use a power hose on your rug as it will damage the waterproof coating
Horseware Rug Wash
QHP Luxury Stable Rug

Q. What is the difference between a stable rug and any other rug? Do I need a stable rug or can I just use a fleece rug? 

A. Stable rugs are designed for keeping the horse warm, clean and dry. A stable rug and a fleece rug are not the same. A stable rug has a moisture barrier layer that protects the horse from wet bedding while a cooler rug will absorb moisture and allow it through to the horse's coat. Shop stable rugs here.


Q. Are you better to put on your horse one heavy rug or two light ones?

A. We recommend one heavy rug. 



Horseware Rugs
Mackey Lugnaquilla Rug

Q. Any turnout rugs that are like the Rambo Protector rug? 

A. The most durable turnout rugs you will find made from the strongest material is one that has 1200D or more in it. Some of our favourites are the Mackey Lugnaquilla's or Horseware Amigo Bravo rugs



Q. I have recently bought a thoroughbred horse with very fine hair. I have a 0g rug that is liner compatible. What liners should I buy to increase the rug weight for my horse?

A. If you have a 0g turnout rug and you plan to fully clip your horse for the winter, you will need a 400g liner. If you will not clip your horse or you plan to just do a half clip, you should get a 200g liner. See our rug liners here.

Horse Rug Liners
Horse Rugs

Q. What are the most important rugs to have? 

A.The most important rugs to have for your horse are a turnout rug, stable rug, cooler rug, and if your horse is sensitive to flies, you will absolutely need a fly rug for the summer!

Q. What is the best weight rug for a native breed horse in the middle of winter?

A. A native breed of horse that has sufficient shelter and food may not need a rug for warmth however they could use a rug like the Tempest Air Motion which is designed for ponies with long hairy coats. This rug is waterproof, offering protection in wet conditions, and also has a net lining that wicks away sweat and makes the rug breathable. Shop the Tempest Air Motion Rug here

Tempest Air Motion Rug
Horse Rugs

Q. What weight turnout rug is needed for a fully clipped horse from November onwards?

A. Any horse that is fully clipped and going out into the field will need a 400g rug with a neck in the wintertime. In the stable, cobs/native bred horses will need a 200-300g rug while the more blood horses will need a 400g stable rug. 

Ready to begin your horse rug search? Click HERE to search for hundreds of rugs from top equestrian brands. 

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