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Test & Review: QHP Bridle Sedna

The Equine Warehouse was given the opportunity to give away QHP’s anatomical bridle Sedna for testing. Sandra was one of the enthusiastic participants of this win & test promotion. She recently started riding dressage with her Connemara mare and she wanted to see how her horse would react to this fine bridle.

You can read her findings in this review blog!

“Thank you Equine Warehouse and QHP for giving me the opportunity to trial your QHP Sedna Bridle. I have been trialing the bridle for a couple of weeks now both in schooling and in competition and I am pleased to say I am very impressed with the anatomical design and the quality of the bridle. 

Compared to other anatomical bridles I have purchased in the past the leather in the QHP Sedna is much softer. The gel padding on the noseband and crown piece made in very comfortable for my mare, it molded very well to the horse's head. My mare can be very sensitive around her head and in particular around her ears but she really desensitised after a couple of days of using the QHP Sedna and I feel the extra wide anatomical crown piece was the reason for this. 

QHP Bridle Sedna

It sat back behind her ears avoiding putting pressure on her sensitive ear muscles and it distributed the pressure better. My instructor felt that the mare was much softer in this bridle and looked more relaxed and we also got similar feedback from the judges at our last dressage competition and I feel the QHP Bridle definitely contributed to it.

Overall the QHP Sedna Bridle is a very good quality bridle, reasonably priced, it has a very pretty studded browband and comes with matching web reins and definitely is one of the most comfortable and best fitting bridle I have used on my horse. I would have no hesitation in recommending this bridle to anyone looking for an anatomical bridle!”

QHP Bridle Sedna

Would you like to experience the benefits of this bridle yourself? You can shop bridle Sedna in black or brown online or in our stores!

QHP Bridle Sedna Black
QHP Bridle Sedna Brown

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